Next Generation Refractory Solutions for Coreless Induction Furnaces

HEATKING Refractory Solutions | Saint-Gobain RefractoriesAs a part of its offerings for foundry applications, Saint-Gobain provides comprehensive solutions, under its HeatKing™ range of products, for lining applications in induction furnaces for the production of various kinds of steel. The products are manufactured at Saint-Gobain's state-of-the-art plants in India located in Halol, Gujarat and Bangalore, Karnataka. In addition to the product offerings, complete technical support is provided by Saint-Gobain for installation and application engineering through a team of well qualified engineers.

HeatKing™ presents an innovative monolithic lining solution with a unique structure to deliver best performance in terms of quality of the steel produced, cost per unit mass of steel produced, productivity, safety, energy efficiency and sustainability.

The HeatKing™ product line, specially developed for steel melting in coreless induction furnaces, helps our customers to run their operations more efficiently. Our products are not only offer outstanding performance during melting, but they can also participate in optimized energy consumption and melting operations.

Our key strengths

  • Extensive product portfolio and complete solutions for coreless induction furnaces
  • Dedicated application engineering team to support customers
  • In-house R&D centre for customer support and new product development
  • ISO certified state-of-the-art manufacturing plants
  • Periodic customer trainings on the usage of HeatKing™ products and on optimization of operations 


Key Parameters

HeatKing™ Benefits


Higher metal purity due to less "inclusions" ensuring quality in-line with the BIS Standards

Fully compatible with the De-PHOS process


Lower cost per unit mass of Hot Metal produced on account of --

  • 4 to 5 times higher campaign life with the option of multiple "patchings"
  • More efficient Alloy Recovery
  • Possibility to keep Hot Heel in Furnaces
  • Less power consumption
  • Lower labour

Clear increase in productivity on account of --

  • Longer life and less down time
  • Optimization of former design
Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Unique lining structure that ensures lower power consumption (less CO2 footprint) thanks to --

  • Optimized powder back-up lining leading to minimal conduction loss
  • Optimized lining thickness leading to maximum induction heating
Saint-Gobain HeatKing™ products are available for different size of furnaces and are already featuring the NorPhos® VA150 product, a furnace lining material specially developed for phosphorous reduction process during melting operations, helping customers to comply with latest technology and law requirements in India.


Furnace Zone

HeatKing™ Product Solutions

Small Furnace (<6MT) Main Lining VA1247SF
Topping patching material PA900
Coil Coat CA339
Scrap Remelting Main Lining



Topping Material TA1211
Coil coat CA337
Sponge Iron Melting Main Lining



Topping Material TA1211
Coil coat CA337
Small Furnace (<6MT) Main Lining VA150 NorPhos®
Topping material TA1211
Coal Coat CA337